Nov 272009

Many countries have National Laws that requires a company that operates on the web and harvests personal information, to publish on their web site a “Privacy Policy” telling  users what information is being collected about them and what may happen to their information.

Because the Internet has no national borders and is truly international in nature most financially large website operators comply with even the most draconian rules for fear of expensive court action. (e.g. California’s online privacy protection law claims world wide jurisdiction because a Californian resident could use any website or online service anywhere in the world.)

FaceBook has an online Privacy Policy but in common with most other large websites and online services tells you that it may be amended at any time.      (Amending the terms of a privacy policy may have the effect of releasing some of your data that you previously thought was safe)      Because of the various laws & rules, they have to tell you if the privacy policy is changing, FaceBook do this on an obscure page called “FaceBook Site Governance” the best way to protect yourself is to visit this page and click on the button to “become a fan” once you are a fan of “Site Governance” you will be informed if the privacy policy is going to change.